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Pax Christi reports on OliveAid initiative

posted 2 Jul 2013, 08:46 by Stephen Ballard   [ updated 2 Jul 2013, 08:47 ]


OliveAid – Bearing the Fruits of Planting Hope and Harvesting Peace

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The Jab’a School for Boys located in Jab’a village 12.5 Kilometers to the southwest of Bethlehem city, on area of 3000 square meters. It has 74 students from grade fifth to grade tenth.

The story started in 2011, when the OliveAid team with the participation of the school students, teachers and Principle have planted the school grove with 80 Olive trees, and installed a dripping irrigation system and a fence to protect the grove.

Jab'a OliveAidJab'a OliveAid

The 80 trees were recognized with the names of 80 students, so those students are taking care of the trees, as they consider the Olive tree as a symbol for peace, an effective way in protecting their rights in the land, and can keep Palestine green.

As a result of the good care the students are providing the trees, the trees yield fruits, and during the Harvest season in 2012, the students picked the olive fruits, then sold the fruits and got stationary for the use of the entire school.

During the follow up visit of the OliveAid team to Jab’a school in May 2013, the school students, teachers and principle expressed their appreciation to the OliveAid, especially those who have trees named after them, as it fortifies their attachment to the land and Olive trees as well.

Since it started in November 2008 the OliveAid project has many success stories and this is one of them.

Pilgrimage witness OliveAid in West Bank

posted 24 May 2013, 01:31 by Stephen Ballard   [ updated 24 May 2013, 01:31 ]

In March 2013 a small group of justice and peace workers from the Leeds Diocese in the UK were on a visit to the Holy Land arranged by Palestine Pilgrimage. As part of their programme the group of Catholics spent a very informative morning learning about the work of OliveAid and visiting some of the sites where recent planting a had taken place.

OliveAid in action with distinguished help

posted 23 May 2013, 06:10 by Stephen Ballard

The Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) in Bethlehem is an integral semi-autonomous unit of the University that undertakes the responsibility of strengthening the ties between Bethlehem University and the Palestinian community.

The Access Program is an initiative, which teaches English and is run by the ICP. It was the students of that program that recently organized a fund raising event to collect money for OliveAid. The charity, now in it’s fifth year has planted over 4,500 in 79 locations trees all to help those farmers that have been deprived of their economic livelihood. The charities aim is simply, to restore the injustice suffered by the Palestinian people by replanting the Olive groves and providing families with a sustainable income from olives and olive based products.

The students really identified with OliveAid’s objectives and did a great job collecting sufficient money to fund the purchase of 30 Olive Trees. The trees were planted in Al Khader School within Bethlehem District at location # OA079 (see the planting location map on the OliveAid website).  The planting site needed plenty of preparation so the students went to work and reclaimed a former olive grove reclaiming the land and preparing it for planting the olive tree saplings. 

The students also recruited some very distinguished helpers, so a big thanks goes out to the Al Khader Mayor, the Deputy Director of Ministry of Education, the Deputy Director of Ministry of Agriculture, the School Principle, Access Teachers and other ICP Staff. What a fantastic example of partnership and community involvement, just what the ICP and OliveAid are all about.

OliveAid and ICP

St.Alban’s Parish, Macclesfield

posted 8 May 2013, 03:43 by Stephen Ballard

St.Alban’s Parish, Macclesfield donated £500 and OliveAid has dedicated location OA071 to them.  Here are some photos of OliveAid in action planting the Olive saplings.


United Nations Olive Harvest Factsheet

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The United Nations Office for the co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs continuously monitors the situation in the occupied Palestinian territory and issues periodic Bulletins and Factsheets on their website

The attached “Olive Harvest Factsheet” issued this month highlights the importance of the Olive Oil industry to 80,000 families and details the problems created for so many through the denial of access to land and the attacks by Settlers and the destruction of Olive Trees for which there is little or no economic or legal redress or compensation.

UN Olive harvest factsheet

The Tablet reports on OliveAid

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The Tablet 2

OliveAid trustees visit

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Plant Hope (IndCatholicNews)

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Ind Catholic News 1
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Fairtrade talk up OliveAid

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Fairtrade and OliveAid

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