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OliveAid - planting Olive trees to reduce poverty and generate a sustainable infrastructure

Thousands of Olive trees have been destroyed in the Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza strip. Farmers have been deprived of their economic livelihood causing families to be forced into poverty. OliveAid’s aim is simply to restore the injustice suffered by the Palestinian people by replanting the Olive groves and providing families with a sustainable income from olives and olive based products.

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We have developed over seventy sites within the West Bank where we have planted sustainable Olive trees. Each site has been carefully selected and prepared to accept three year old Olive saplings with have been sourced locally and are certificated against disease. Irrigation has been secured and each site is fenced where necessary. Most importantly we have ensured that all OliveAid sites are positioned in non conflict areas ensuring the long term security of the Olives groves and their crop.

A local management infrastructure provided by The Institute for Community Partnership working in partnership with local farmers and the community monitors both the planting and the ongoing husbandry of the trees to ensure that they reach their fruiting maturity in seven years. OliveAid has already planted over 4,500 trees since the Apr 08 Mar 09 season. We intend to plant a further 1,000 trees in the forthcoming season. The fruit of our earliest planting are now benefitting both the Muslim and Christian Palestinian communities.

We cannot accelerate the growth of the Olive tress but we can with your help maximise the number of trees planted this season so please give generously.

OliveAid part of FOBU

OliveAid is a project set up in association with the UK Registered Charity “Friends Of Bethlehem University” (FOBU), to consider ways to support economic growth, job creation, and education in the Palestine..

BETHLEHEM UNIVERSITY was established in 1973. It was the first University in the West Bank, and remains the only Catholic Christian University in the Holy Land. Starting with 112 Students, it now has almost 3000 Students enrolled, 71% of whom are Female and 29% are Male. A true inter-faith establishment, 69% of Students are Muslim and 31% are Christian.

50% of all donations received will be used by Bethlehem University to provide scholarships for needy students. This year 2013 our first two OliveAid funded scholars are graduating - see our news section - and we are now raising funds for a further two scholarships starting this year.

The University relies on on Donations and Gifts to finance over 50% of its ongoing costs.

(See website www.bethlehem.edu)

INSTITUTE FOR COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP (ICP) was established by the University in 1989.   Over 1200 local citizens participate in the continuing education and professional diploma programmes offered.  13,000 trainees have benefited to date.

The ICP provides expertise and facilities to enhance the involvement of the University with the local community.  It focuses on programmes related to management, business, accounting, communication skills, and technology.

The latest initiative has been the launch of the Fair Trade Development Centre, which will provide its beneficiaries with the knowledge and skills required in order to join the international fair trade movement.

(See website http://icp.bethlehem.edu)

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